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The tipping point for women has begun

Why now is the time to take your place in gender history!


Presented at the Global Women’s Neuroscience MBA programme

There is a tide in the affairs of ‘women’ which taken at the flood leads on to fortune’ however you see it: money, status, fulfillment of potential, the ability to make a difference, power and achievement. We are past the days when Mary Anne Evans had to change her name to George Elliot to be named one of the greatest novelists ever by the great F.R. Leavis.  Forgive me Shakespeare for finally giving women their rightful place in prose history. And no I am not going to bore you the reader with an analysis of Julius Caesar.  Except for the conversion of ‘men’ to ‘women’ in this famous text, Cassius is the speaker and he is referring to taking advantage of ‘a strong location’ to catch their breath.  That is where we are now – in a strong space. The time has come.  I love metaphors. I love seeking hidden messages in film and literature that cause me to reflect and from which I learn many lessons.  The available location for women’s unbridled achievement is the current trend of global economics. Let me explain.


The Tipping Point

Perhaps a modern day reference would be that which is attributed to Malcolm Gladwell who wrote of ‘a tipping point.’  He describes it as the ‘biography of an idea,’ an emerging trend that sweeps the world unquelled – one that is contagious, and all powerful.  An elephant in the global room so to speak. In this case I am talking about women power and we can thank a few great women for carving a pathway, too profound to ignore or avoid.  We know we have made it when the mass media hangs on their every word.  Taking this power requires the right kind of decision making, conscious strategic planning and in depth analysis of the many audiences we need to influence.


Those that made it

As I write the world’s most powerful positions are occupied by women: Christine Lagarde who heads the International Monetary Fund, Janet Yellen who swept her way into the leadership of the Federal Reserve Bank of America and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany who achieved a landslide victory with members of all parties supporting her.  These women are directing the course of history. For once they are not being accused of sleeping with their bosses in order to get promoted.  I have seen no reference to la vie horizontale – a welcome change.  These power houses control and direct trillions of dollars. They are directing the course of history.  Because of the beacons they hold, the absence of women at The World Economic Forum at Davos has been noted with embarrassment by the men in the light of these appointments and comments were made that this must never happen again.  Who will see to it I wonder?  Whose names were left off the invite list and by whom? How easy it is to say this after the fact.


Knowledge of neuroscience can change a woman’s position in the world. Know how – join our programme