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The Team – Directors

Dr. Denise Bjorkman

Dr. Denise Bjorkman is a socio-behavioural scholar and seasoned business woman. She has distilled forty years of industry, government and organisational experience into NBI and the application of neuroscience in business. An ardent believer in the value of the LePEST C model of personal knowledge she has thoroughly pursued nine different academic and scientific fields with distinction in her career.


Dr. Thembi Modungwa

Dr. Modungwa has over 30 years of experience and her distinguished career crosses a spectrum of business, mental health, psychiatric studies, clinical work and related academic studies.


Prof. Martin Nasser

Prof. Martin Nasser is a Professor Emeritus, an associate of Harvard and Wharton Universities, and an international consultant in the specialised business fields. With forty years of experience, he is a sought after authority on strategy, retail markets, high level executive performance, cognitive potential and business turnaround models.


Shaun Phillips

Marketing and sales Director Shaun Phillips has an exemplary background in marketing, advertising, media and sales. He brings with him the experience of having managed revenue streams from R120m-plus client portfolios in financial services, to well over a quarter of a billion rand. National portfolios also covered a wide spectrum of businesses and sales teams.


Our Advisory Team

Prof. Peet du Toit

Professor Peet du Toit is Professor of Neuroscience & Physiology at the UGSM-Monarch Business School, Switzerland and Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology, and Head of the Neuroscience Group, at University of Pretoria. His fields of research are Neuroscience, Exercise Science, Brain Fitness and Performance and the Neuroscience of Leadership.


Prof. Michael Kachienga

Professor Ogembo Kachienga is a qualified Electrical Engineer and Biomedical Engineering Scientist. Currently he is a Techno-Financial Consultant and Director of Research & Development at Watson Corporate Academy in Johannesburg.


Dr. Louis Scholtz

Dr. Louis Scholtz is an educationist of note. He is a respected authority on trending aspects of learning and educational material design for maximum impact at all levels of study. His further striking contribution to the Neuro Business Institute is his knowledge on the use of creativity and humour to optimise learning, memory and essential personal growth.


Prof. Pierre Joubert

Prof. Pierre Joubert currently leads the Behavioural and Communication Research Division at the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) at the University of South Africa. He is also the sharp-tip of the sword in consumer research, as he leads the Consumer Neuroscience Laboratory. He lectures and is widely published in Consumer Behaviour, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Psychology and Market Research.


Our Expert Neuro Business Trainers

Marietjie du Toit

Marietjie Du Toit is a doctoral candidate on the psychology of women’s entrepreneurship (NWU). She founded her own leadership development company (AFQL) and has developed and delivered extensive training and workshops in fields related to business.


Mari du Toit

Mari du Toit is a Professional Services officer (Medical Physiology) at the University of the Free State.  She is also currently a Master’s Degree candidate in human physiology and she is a health lecturer, educator and trainer, certificated with distinction.



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