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Neuro Marketing

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Did you know that the current global culture of abundance is robbing you and your clients of real satisfaction?  Did you know that customers are overwhelmed with information which is often seems so complex it clouds judgement?  Yet we are spoiled for choice and nowhere is it more reflected than the retail industry, fast moving consumer goods, mobile phones, laptops and automotive industries.  Our lives are flitted away in detail, wrote philosopher Thoreau. “Too much choice destroys decision making – more is less” says Prof Barry Schwartz, a global thought leader of human behaviour in sales or in the workforce.

The problem of decision making for a consumer and his or her loyalty to a brand is not confined to those sectors.   Today we know that the voice, words we use and all the senses play a vital role in consumer confidence and trust. The intrinsic value of these factors and other mysterious processes in the brain can be measured or identified with good lab technology.


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Learn how to use neuroscience to persuade and influence the minds of consumers unconsciously, helping them to respond with ‘Got to have it – yes.’  So now that you know that 95% of your thoughts and emotions occur without you knowing it, wouldn’t you like to tap into the real mind and not the rational mind which is definitely not in charge? Do not sell to 5% of your customer’s brain. Appeal to the all-powerful subconscious, hidden personality needs and get immediate results for less effort.

Reframe negative emotions, mould choice, and use triggers to influence buyer behaviour, gain confidence, connect emotionally and while providing customer satisfaction.


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