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Neuro Call Centre Training

Did you know that because of the high level of traffic sound around us and regular exposure to rock music, you may be one of three people who have a hearing problem?  Hearing and listening is crucial for a call centre and its staff. Are there ways to compensate for this? Yes with neuroscience technology and training.


Sixty years ago Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr Edward Kendall anticipated neuroscience with his studies on the workings of the brain, which gave him intimate knowledge of human behaviour He believed this was the future.  Fifteen years ago George Soros at Davos said “I have seen the future and it lies in technology” said George Soros. Science has now combined both giving call centre staff new insights into telephone product and service sales, or just the process of helping customers.

Double the quality of your telephone communication  


Can you recognise a change in mood, attitude and response in milliseconds?  You need to do that in a Call Centre?  Now you can combine technology and knowledge of the brain to up your game in a call centre.


You certainly will need to fine-tune to nuances in communication. Neuro Call centre Training will teach you what really goes on in the brain of clients and how to recognise mood shifts, positive or negative at speed.


Call Centre Agents have a very challenging job. They need to keep a potential or existing client satisfied from the start of the call. You really could have them at Hello! Call Centre Agents are sometimes expected to deal with moody and difficult people, some may be raging, some happy, some cooperative, while others may be tearful. They are not trained as counsellors, but they are expected to achieve the best results with each and every call. A few negative calls can knock your sense of self-worth. But how you do keep these calls positive?


Our Neuro Call Centre Workshop


In our unique workshop, we teach delegates how to recognise subtle changes in client demeanour and of course changes in your own attitude and communication style. Yes – you can do all of this on the telephone through brain/mind or Body Sense training. We can provide the means for instant feedback on changing attitudes so that you can change your own style of communication to maintain control and drive for results.  Neuroscience teaches us that client rejection of offerings can cause serious self-doubt, loss of confidence, self-esteem and even cause depression.  This can lead to high staff turnover in a call centre.

Self-regulation or self-discipline with neuro call centre knowledge will help you to ‘keep your cool’ during telephonic discussions and drive for results. Using specialised equipment you will be able to detect hostile behaviour taking out human error. We also provide advice on what to do when asked questions they don’t have the answers to, which is a major cause for lost sales.


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