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Neuro Business programmes

Neuro Leadership

Uncover your true leadership potential. If you don’t really understand how your brain works, then how do you get to use it optimally? Our series of neuro-focused workshops provides you with insight into the brain and how it operates.

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Neuro Negotiation

Have your decisions always worked for you or have they led to major losses? Did you know you have a personal blue print of decision making? Leaders worldwide are now profiling their own decision making style.

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Neuro Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever done or said something in the spur of the moment that you regretted later? Wonder why you reacted in a certain way and felt like you had no control at the time?

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Neuro Marketing

Did you know that the current global culture of abundance is robbing you and your clients of real satisfaction?

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Neuro Sales

Starting a sales conversation is easy and so is quoting someone. The challenge comes in when the deal needs to be closed, and it is sometimes only here that companies realise the weaknesses in their sales staff.

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Neuro Call Centre Training

Did you know that because of the high level of traffic sound around us and regular exposure to rock music, you may be one of three people who have a hearing problem?

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Neuro Leadership For Women

Margaret Thatcher imposed structure which was the golden thread of her successes in parliament and governance. Did you know that leaders do not succumb to structure but they themselves impose structure creating meaning and relevance?

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