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About NBI

“Making grey matter matter”

As a business leader you want market leadership.  If you are like other leaders that have enjoyed our programmes you would like to learn about cutting edge technologies which can change leadership.  Are you aware of the newly discovered brain’s processes which drive decision making and its uncertainties, the quality of negotiated outcomes, collaboration and strategic thinking?  The Neuroscience Business Institute (NBI) provides those insights.

Who is NBI?

NBI is a pioneering Institute which can help to improve your organization’s brand, and grow the thinking and innovative practices of your personnel. That means greater profit, market penetration, greater insight into the minds and potential of your staff coupled to their satisfaction. They are then geared to unite with common drive and loyalty to support your vision.

Business, needs the neuroscience knowledge and prowess of NBI, its professional staff and the cutting edge nature of its laboratory equipment.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is a science field which grew generously from combined studies of psychology, engineering, economics, medicine, sociology and biology. The human brain has food, survival and sexual rewards at its core. Thanks to the seminal studies of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Twersky amongst others, we have discovered that the latter rewards translate easily into the business world.  It has been shown to drive decision making, risk taking, consumer psychology, strategic thinking and the growth of major industries.

Individuals in business seek to understand their own thinking blueprints, successes and failures, patterns of behaviour and personal mindset. Understand neuro-economics and the herding behaviour that drives the pursuit of financial rewards as well as shareholder behaviour of listed companies. Discover how the design of your office curbs creative thought. Discover why some leaders have a following and others are avoided.


To provide peerless neuroscience based research and related services which supports change and sustainable growth in industry sectors and institutions. Our focus is on leadership competencies, marketing, education, peacekeeping and entrepreneurship.


Our research and services will be guided by mission critical needs of the various business, educational and institutional environments for easy application in all professional and social structures.


We are driven by values of good governance, integrity, transparency, inclusive respect, and time honoured principles that direct ethical professional research, training and skilling in the specialised fields of neuroscience.

NBI can and will change the universe – one brain at a time


We look forward to hearing from you!